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::Flying Icons::

Icons from Magicflyingpig

Magicflyingpig's Icons
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when you have 10+MB of userpics and bases, it's time to make an icon journal.

just a few simple rules:
-credit, like you would any art. this includes all the names provided- icon maker, base maker, and photographer. if I don't list a name for something, I don't know it so you don't need to credit.
-comment with what you take, b/c I'm curious.
-edit all you want, but comment with the edited icon in the post with the orginal icon b/c I'm curious.
-goes without saying, don't hotlink or commit any other icon-illegal acts.

a few notes:
-any bases post are x-posted to basicbases
-any gilmore girls posts are x-posted to gilmore_girls

I'll be posting both icons I made, icons I edited, bases I edited, bases I made, and icons or bases I have from other users. there may even be the occasional colorbar, header, or customizable icon.
enjoy the icons!!

request post:
all requests should be made here.

if you'd like to affiliate, comment on the request post or at magicflyingpig.

thanks to jennyrhill for the icon in the userinfo header.